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Federal Tax Services

At Bennett Bennett & Trice, PLLC, we believe that professional federal tax services should not only keep individuals and organizations in compliance with IRS regulations but also unlock tax opportunities that help your bottom line. Federal tax requirements are complicated, but our year-round support helps individual taxpayers and organizations navigate issues such as stock transactions (including purchases and sales), tax credits, entity choices, and more. The following is a broad look at different areas in which we specialize.

Tax Preparation

Federal tax rules are complicated to begin with, and they change every year. That can make tax preparation a hassle for non-specialists. That’s why we offer comprehensive support throughout the year, helping individuals and businesses with items like:

  • Keeping up with quarterly tax payments.
  • Preparing and reviewing returns.
  • Complying with relevant tax rules.

Pursuing Credits and Exemptions

Our organization also helps our clients pursue tax credits and exemptions. We help individuals unturn every stone when it comes to deductions and the like. For companies, we work to identify boons like tax credits from research and development efforts. Additionally, we analyze our clients’ tax accounting methods to make sure they are fully advantageous.

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