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IRS Representation

Facing tax issues at the state or federal level can seem daunting. Our team can be your partner in navigating the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) through concerns like:

  • Owing back taxes
  • Owing more than you can pay‌
  • Facing a tax audit

‌Understanding the ins and outs of the IRS takes an expert. Our experienced tax relief team at Bennett, Bennett, and Trice has the tax experience and knowledge to help you. We can save you time, alleviate your frustration, and lower your tax burden. We’ve helped clients from all walks of life decrease their tax burden and find a manageable solution.

What You Can Expect

We know there are many tax experts you can partner with in your time of need. Here’s what sets apart the team at Bennett, Bennett, and Trice:

  • Our work is professional and accurate every time.
  • We help you to understand all the steps along the way.
  • Our team identifies tax relief options you meet and talks to you about programs you may qualify for.
  • We lobby the IRS on your behalf to remove liens and lower fees, interest, and other financial penalties.‌
  • We negotiate a lower settlement amount, so you save money over the current amount owed.

‌Tax problems don’t have to be part of your life; we can partner with you in creating a future with financial freedom. Our team walks you through setting up a plan so that you’re set up for success in future tax years.

Importance of Changing Tax Law‌s

Laws that govern taxes change from year to year, and what worked for you in the past may not be in your best interests for the future. Our team stays on top of tax changes at all levels, so you don’t have to.

‌Our team’s expertise spans all tax areas, including businesses and individuals. We look ahead to changing regulations and begin assessing how new tax laws may impact our clients.

Representing You With the IRS

It’s easy to feel intimidated by IRS tactics. Ignoring your tax problem won’t make it go away. Handling it on your own may leave you paying even more. Our team helps to stop the collections notices and bring transparency to IRS processes.

‌IRS Wage Garnishment – The IRS can file with your employer to take a portion of your earnings to pay taxes owed. Our team can help negotiate the amount to be lowered, so you keep more of your income for monthly living expenses.

‌IRS Levies – This IRS tactic seizes your monthly earnings as well as other financial assets like bank accounts, vehicles, stocks, bonds, and boats. Our team works to eliminate levis for more favorable repayment terms.

‌IRS Liens – In addition to financial assets, the IRS can also place liens on real estate, businesses, and other physical assets. Upon the sale of any assets with a lien, the IRS is compensated. Liens appear on your credit report and may prevent you from opening new bank accounts and lines of credit.

When you’re ready to face the IRS with a team of tax experts by your side, give us a call or fill out our easy online form. It would be our honor to represent you on your journey to financial freedom.

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